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And Integration Support

Group / Couple Ceremonies

This experience is tailored just for you so you can go deeper into your journey of healing and discovery and into your heart by using the power of plants to unlock what may have previously been hidden.  Connect to yourself, your heart, others, and the divine in a sacred ceremony.

Couples Ceremony

​This is for those couples who want to experience the power of psychedelic medicines together.  It can be done with either psilocybin mushrooms or MDMA.  You can expect to experience deep connection, understanding and connection.  


What's Included:

  • Zoom Preparation Session

  • Private Ceremony (5 - 10 hours)

  • Post Ceremony Food / Integration

  • Specially Curated Playlist

  • Two Zoom Integration Sessions

  • What'sApp/Text/Email Support

  • Access to my private support Facebook Group

  • 15% Off Future Sessions

Investment:  $1275

Can take place at my sanctuary during week days or I can travel to your location. travel expenses to be reimbursed.

Group Ceremony

Have a group of friends or family who would love to go through the healing process or experience the power of plants together?  This is perfect for you!  Let's curate the perfect experience at your private location of choice.


What's Included:

  • Group Zoom Preparation Session

  • Private Ceremony (5-10 hours)

  • Specially Curated Playlist

  • Two Group Zoom Integration Sessions

  • What'sApp Group Text Support

  • Access to my private support Facebook Group

  • 10% Off Future Sessions

Investment:  $450/person (min 3 people max 10)

Please note this option requires you to provide a private location for the ceremony & cover travel expenses.

About Integration:

Integration is just as important as the ceremony itself and your ceremony includes two integration sessions.  It is the process of taking your peak experience and bringing it into your everyday life.  Though the integration process will continue for months, we'll work together to be sure you have as soft of a landing back into the reality of everyday life.

Book a Discovery Call with me to talk further.

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