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Feminine Energy

I couldn't be more passionate about anything than I am about the Rise of Feminine Energy that is happening in all of us and in our world right now.  It is so needed.


When I look at our world there is a lot of chaos and darkness.  I see division, war, hunger, suffering children, poverty, disease and for all of these I see one cause - an overly masculine world - a world that is so far out of feminine/masculine energy balance toward a very unhealthy version of masculinity.  One that values money and possessions and the mind and quantitative results but de-values cooperation, and intuition, and the heart, and collaboration. 


Masculine and feminine energies are the yin and the yang and like darkness/light or night/day or giving/receiving, if one side is out of balance there are major repercussions.  Take the example of giving and receiving - if someone you know is always on the receiving end while you're continuously giving you will eventually feel resentful and might even feel it as the other is "taking" rather than receiving.  Giving and receiving is intended to be done in a balanced way and in that way you flow effortless between the giver and the receiver.  It's always about balance.  

The one solution to the issues we're experiencing individually and as a collective is (broadly) - the Rise of Feminine Energy.  Because we are so out of balance towards an unhealthy masculine, the feminine energy in all of us (men and women alike) has to rise up to meet the masculine and bring us back to balance. 

The feminine is strong but anchored in the heart. The feminine relishes in collaboration and believes success is not possible if one party "loses".  The feminine focuses on the whole, the root causes (not the symptoms) and the good of all. The feminine values intuition and our innate knowing.  The goal is NOT for the feminine to overtake the masculine, BALANCE IS THE KEY.  Too much heart with not enough logic is a problem, too much competition without collaboration is a problem.  

Unfortunately we've been conditioned for so many generations that the masculine traits are what should be valued.  The reality is that in our western world even women are conditioned to believe these are the qualities that should be valued and so to succeed in this world we have pushed down many of our innate more feminine qualities.  As much as this lack of balance affects our world as a whole, it similarly affects us as individuals.  People who are so far to the masculine often end up in careers that they don't actually love because they've made decisions only from their head as opposed to connecting to what they really want.  They often lack creativity and joy because they have disconnected from their bodies.  The net net is that they aren't living the truest expression of themselves because they have suppressed so much of who they truly are.  

I'm on a mission to support the rise of the feminine one open heart at a time.

Watercolor Background 3.png
  • Patient

  • Expressive

  • Thinks long-term

  • Flexible, flowing

  • Intuitive

  • Collaborative

Qualities / Characteristics

  • Empathic

  • Receptive

  • Compassionate

  • Nurturing

  • Multi-tasking

  • Creative



  • Yin

  • Moon

  • Dark

  • Soft

  • Cold

  • Quiet

Masculine and Feminine

I do not mean male and female or man and woman.  I believe that all beings contain both masculine and feminine energy.  Traditionally, women exhibit more feminine qualities and men more masculine but this doesn't have to be the case.  And, we all have both.  

Here are some examples of feminine and masculine qualities.  


Qualities / Characteristics

  • Independent

  • Assertive

  • Structure

  • Accomplishment

  • Action

  • Methodical

  • Logical

  • Single-task Focused

  • Confident

  • Decisive

  • Direct

  • Competitive


  • Hard

  • Warm

  • Loud

  • Yang

  • Sun

  • Light


Health Care


  • People are generally unhealthy due to stress, diet and our unhealthy food supply, lack of exercise, and toxins in our environment.   

  • We operate a sick care system NOT a health care system meaning we only treat the symptoms not the cause.   

  • Treatment protocols are based on pharmaceuticals and acute treatment vs looking at the patient as a whole.

  • Cancer and Autism and heart disease and suicides are at an all-time high. 


  • Combining modern and traditional medical techniques to treat ailments. 

  • Ensuring that our insurance covers all methods of treatment.

  • Making sure that data is valid and not skewed based on who does the study.

  • We don't need so many pharmaceuticals and so much money in our healthcare system if people are healthy to begin with. 

  • Focus on the root causes.



  • Leaders strive for power & control of resources.

  • As a society, we go to war to protect our interests but we neglect the reason we are in this place in the first place.  People are desperate and desperate people do desperate things.  

  • We kill people without much thought.  


  • Spend as much money on waging peace as we do on waging war and protecting ourselves.

  • Spending only the money our military truly needs vs spending what the defense contractors want to boost profits

Today's Capitalism


  • There is ONLY one version of success and that is built on the accumulation of as much wealth (profit) as possible.  At any cost.

  • Corporations and executives are beholden to the profits of their shareholders causing them to make short sighted decisions.  

  • We neglect the other ideals of success such as healthy employees and a healthy environment.  Burnout and busyness are ideals we value. 


  • Money is a means not an end.  It should allow us to do the things we love not be an end goal.  Joy and health should be our measures of success.

  • Corporations should be bound to operate on various levels of success including the planet, employees,  and should be held accountable for not meeting these.

Hunger & Poverty


  • There is enough money in the world to ensure all people have a suitable standard of living and enough food to eat. 

  • But, instead of ending the crisis and caring for all humans, a handful of people in the world own more wealth than the bottom 90%.  What do they need that money for? 

  • We can't end hunger but we can (in a matter of hours) come up with enough money to re-build Notre Dame?


  • Using money to take care of each other -to end hunger and poverty.  When people are no longer desperate we will have much less need for money spent on things like military and health care.  

  • Ensuring the safety of our food system comes above profits for corporations.

How this imbalance affects our world today:


Hint:  They're all related:

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