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Hi I'm Katie

Plant Medicine Guide
Facilitating deeper connection and transformation through curated plant medicine rituals, retreats, and integration.  Experience the Power of Plants!


I'm Katie Isiminger, an intuitive plant medicine guide helping people connect deeper with themselves, each other, the collective and Mother Earth with specially curated group and individual plant medicine ceremonies & integration.  

If you're here, you're likely feeling stuck or wanting to go deeper in one (or many) aspects of your life but haven't found a way that gets at the true root of the issue.  I can work with you to identify which plants will best help you along your healing and discovery path and create the right right setting for you to experience the healing you need now.  The plants always know what you need + my job is to help create a safe and supportive space for you to experience your deepest healing.

You've found me for a reason.  I'm glad you're here.

Hailee - Toronto

“My ceremony experience was amazing.  I had some anxiety/apprehension but soon felt very welcome and safe.  Katie handled the evening dynamics very well.  I'm very grateful for the experience and want to continue with further work.” 

Tracy  - Rochester

“Honestly I'm forever grateful.  One ceremony and my PTSD and nightmares are gone.  Katie is amazing at what she does helping you get to the core of what is going on for you and made me feel incredibly cared for.” 

Jenn  - Toronto

“Katie is a midwife of healing!  She understands and navigates the ceremony space with ease and was able to help me release (possibly) generations of trauma in one session.  I feel much clearer and lighter.” 
Buy Cacao
20 cacao and buddha.jpg

Ceremonial cacao is one of the powerful teacher plants that I work deeply with.  It is a potent heart-opening medicine that helps you connect to your truth and to the wisdom of Mother Earth.  I partner with the best ceremonial cacao company in Canada to bring you the best quality and powerful healing cacao.

Ceremonial Cacao

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